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Flower Field Wallhanging

Ilse Philips (textile artist, Zoetermeer) and Keramiek Juliette (ceramist, Terneuzen) joined hands together to create a unique wallhanging.
Ilse wove the base cloth in a deflected double weave pattern, and ceramist Juliette created the different flowers.

Flower Field 2.jpg

So when the plan for a collaboration had come up, we started with a designplan. What was the feeling we would like to capture in our artwork?

Flower Field 10 Design plan.jpg

With the designplan in mind we created the cloth and the ceramic flowers. Ilse wove the cloth by hand in a deflected double weave structure and Juliette started building up the flowers with an earthenware clay which had a slightly rough appearance matching Ilse’s weaving.

Bloemenweide-Flower Field 1.jpg

The flowers were made quite thin though so that they wouldn’t be too heavy for the weaving. Part of the flowers were created with separate petals. Others were built up from a circular form. They all got their own fine details. The heart of each flower was made in such a way that Ilse could make different patterns with colours from the weaving.  

After firing the pieces for the first time, Juliette added some subtle colouring. Then she finished them off with glossy and matte transparent glazes and fired them again.

Ilse finished the artwork by sewing by hand all the delicate ceramic flowers.

Flower Field 6.jpg

Size : 37 x 60 cm (without fringes).
Prize : 380 euro

Interested to display our artwork in your gallery or magazine? Want to collaborate with us? Or are you interested in buying this artwork? Just mail        or 

Text and pictures by Ilse Philips. 

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